Saturday, 28 April 2012

Fairy Tail Anime Review


A newer anime that has more than 2 seasons! As you guessed I'll be reviewing Fairy Tail! An anime about a celestial wizard, Lucy, who wants to join a wizard guild called Fairy Tail. It supposedly follows her adventures as she makes new friends as well as enemies in this little less than normal (may even be considered quirky) wizarding world.

I generally don't like animes that have A LOT of episodes because most I find are based off of very good mangas that are very popular... BUT NOT FINISHED... therefore fillers are needed and we all know how annoying fillers can get (booo!) Fairy Tail I find is extremely awesome as far as following a story line. As far as accuracy to the manga goes... I wouldn't know. I have not read the manga though I have heard it is fairly accurate.

There are a number of things I love about this anime. Where to start though... Lets start with the animation itself! Fantastic. Something that I am extremely picky about is the animation style (which you will come to learn in further reviews) I love how simple all the characters look but they still have those quirky hairstyles and features that most animes lack nowadays! I definitely love the attention to detail in it as well. For the animation style I give it a 10/10!

The storyline for this anime is a great concept too. Concept. This anime, as much as I love it, is less than perfect. Don't get me wrong I would reccomend this anyone who enjoys action mixed with comedy and fantasy but thats all it is. I have watched about half of the episodes out so far I believe we're almost at 200? I could be wrong dont quote me on that :p Anyways I feel like I haven't gotten through even half of the STORY.

Now I love a good fight just as much as the next action fan but the fighting for 1 part of the story goes on for at least 4 episodes at a time. I did find myself skipping over the episode in the middle just because I wanted to see more of the character development.


I would also love to see more of the main character's development. Right now I feel as if it is more about the dragon slayer natsu (spoiler alert!) Natsu's development and his search for the dragon who raised him and taught him how to use dragon magic is in most of the episodes. I feel like there were only 4-8 episodes surrounding Lucy (the main character) And she is BY FAR my favorite character.

There are also about 4 other main characters in this anime too. It can be quite confusing for someone to watch like me. As I watch anime at the end of the day after work when my brain is like mushy peas. Dont like my brain being overloaded by a million different backstories.

Its annoying.

I also would like to see more development romantically. I know the anime may not be a romance but they've already hinted it! I feel like the character's relationships are stuck in the same spot and have been since episode 20. It is VERY saddening.

Overall... I would give this anime a 7/10 mostly for the story concept, animation style, and it does a VERY good job at being very funny.  Don't watch this anime if you don't like extremely detailed battles because you'll be watching them for 5 episodes at a time!

I would reccomend it to the people who enjoy anime just for the action and comedy. (there are also some very touchy subjects in the anime such as child slavery, demons, and siblings killing each other viewer discretion is advised) Just putting that in there cause I know theres people out there who find it offensive!! Just a heads up!!

Well with all that said. Go check it out!

Here is where I watch it online!